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The School of Muta is a private boarding school enrolling ages 2 years to 19 years. Enrolled students receive holistic therapy, a monthly stipend, educational benefits, and affordable tuition rates. All students enrolled into the School of Muta are of African and Afro-Indigenous decent and given educational tools through a growth mindset accompanied by non-traditional classrooms models that incorporate  various age groups to encourage peer support, learning from modeled behavior, and autonomy.

The School of Muta offers all inclusive tuition of $400 which includes room & board, meals, educational materials, clothing, living necessities, medical insurance, and all other needs required for a healthy, balanced quality of living. 

Benefits of Enrolling into Muta

Individualized care and education plans

Monthly Allowance

Affordable Tuition & Educational Costs

Piggy Bank
Yellow Bus

Therapeutic Teaching Model

Therapy available to all students

Health Insurance 

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Golden Chakra

Growth Mindset

Room & Board

Rubik's Cube
Private House
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Family & Student Resources

Student Enrollment Process

Fill and Submit Application

Submit Full Application


Video and  phone 


Enrollment Decision

Receive and Confirm 

Enrollment Decision

The Student enrollment process takes roughly 7-10 business days to receive a decision. For any application questions use the "Contact Us" form

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