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Membership Information

Here are core benefits of

Executive members and General members


General Members

General Members

Executive Members

Community resources

Educational resources

Financial Assistance


College credit reimbursement

Paid citizenship/VISA

Land & Home purchase

All individuals of African descent are eligible for registered membership which is free! The organization has two separate types of membership statuses: General Membership and Executive Membership. Individuals wanting to obtain membership but do not posses a State identification card are encouraged to apply anyway; We will open a case on your behalf to help one obtain a State identification card. 

General membership

This membership provides community resources, educational resources, discounted behavioral therapy sessions and enters individuals in a raffle to receive mutual aide funds or scholarships.

Executive Membership

This membership provides one with all of the benefits of the General Membership however, includes professional and financial assistance with relocation to live on property owned by School of Muta Inc. in a country outside of America. Executive Members also reserve rights for paid college credits and land or home purchase on the Muta-owned land. All students, employees, directors, and officers are automatically eligible for this tier of membership. Families of students become automatically eligible after the student's fifth year of enrollment. Executive Membership is available to General Members to apply for membership through an application on the membership profile.

 Benefits Breakdown

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