Holding Hands



Current Offers for Community Aide

Current Rates:

$25 per session (2 hr minimum)

$50 per week ( 3 sessions minimum)

$100 per month ( 2 weeks sessions minimum)

Behavior Therapy/Management is currently being offered at  discounted rates.  include real-time changes in unwanted behaviors. This a great tool used by parents, teachers, managers, and even pet owners. Each case is individualized according to its needs.

We are aiding persons in need of financial aide, advocacy and resources in retaining legal documentation of their identification or birth records.




Current Rate:


We provide our respected community resources in resumes and CV writing, resume edits, and job application counseling.

Current Rate:



Tutoring is available  for children in grades K-12. All basic and advanced academic subject matter is offered expect for foreign language. All children that receive tutoring receive a individualized  education plan.

Current Rate:

$15 per session ( 1.5 hr minimum)

Behavior Therapy/Management

Obtaining Legal Identification

Professional Development


Please use the Contact Us Page to inquire about these services.