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Mission Statement


The School of Muta is dedicated to the complete liberation and advancement of the PanAfrican community. As an organization, we are dedicated to combating the unhousing crisis, the corruption of the education system, and the unruly foster care system. We are looking for more long-lasting ways  to help  our community while simultaneously helping the planet. Muta strives to continue to live as a community while prioritizing growth, sustainable living, and education.

School of Muta Financial Clarity Pledge

 The founders of Muta pledge than any and all financial dealings of the organization will be accessible public knowledge for registered members and investors.

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As an organization, we have an understanding that many barriers for our community are systematic. Under an organized consensus  we affirm that system cannot be changed from within and Muta is taking the step to repair our communities from outside the direct influence of these harmful systems.The School of Muta places its facility outside of America in a predominately Black community to push for regrowth of our peoples, traditions rights, everything that have been taken and keep from us.The School of Muta is pushing for change with PanAfrican ideals, meaning that intersectionality is also at the forefront of our values.
Members work together to provide useful and realistic community resources. Within the PanAfrican community we are working hard to combat homelessness and the unruly foster care system and helping provide individuals with much-needed therapeutic care. The School of Muta recognizes that individual problems and troubles can be solved only so much before being truly combatted by systematic factors.
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The School of Muta is committed to local forms of lost-lasting mutual aide including providing resources for the unhoused. The School of Muta is actively fundraising to provide re-usable resource bags to at at least  50 unhoused individuals and provide a safe and consistent place to shower and eat .The organization hopes that by providing these type of consistent resources, the unhoused community will have better chances of employment and consistent income.
We realize that we can become our own solution to the issues we face as a community.Through united fronts and tactful decisions we may escape these harmful systems and influences.
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We welcome any and all people of African decent to become a member of our organization. Our organization has something to offer for all members of our community. We are always looking for strong community leaders and members to help us  reach the goal of social, economic, and systematic liberation. Community leaders are extended a complimentary Executive Membership upon registration as an acknowledgement of the work and time they have dedicated thus far for their community. 
The School of Muta prides itself in the active involvement in the local community. As a registered member, one will have access to many free community and educational resources. We even temporarily waive the membership requirement of  a state identification card by helping potential members acquire one for membership. 
Beneficial Relationship
As an organization we hope that the registered members benefit the most from our efforts. We allow for members to become involved directly in many ways: becoming an Ambassador, becoming a volunteer, donations, or applying as a teacher for our school. All registered members are eligible to receive bill payments from our mutual aide funds.
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