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Welcome To Muta

The School of Muta is a nonprofit organization created for the community.The School of Muta is PanAfrican in ideals and socialist in practice. As an organization we offer community mutual aide. We celebrate and embrace all those of African & Afro-Indigenous decent.


The School of Muta is a private boarding school dedicated to the advancement of individuals of African & Afro-Indigenous decent. The opening of the school creates a new start in a safe space for individuals of African & Indigenous decent.  Our motive is to complete building of the school, dorm, and recreational buildings. Muta is dedicated to the holistic education of children includes (Speech/Physical/Behavioral/Mental Health) therapy as needed. Muta will be available upon completion of the dorms. .

Muta will be located in Jamaica in isolated location allowing children to focus on personal advancement and learning. The first year, The School of Muta is intended to house 7 foster students and 15 tuition-paying students to provide low-cost childcare for families in need. Please continue to support us while we are in the growing stages of our organization. 

Be a small part in something bigger

The School of Muta urges you to help pay it forward to our community.Your generous donations will help contribute to build the kind of world you want to live in. If you are not comfortable with donating money we can still be impacted by your gift-giving of goods. 

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